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My show is politically slanted with a view on history. Since it repeats itself I show where and how it effects us in todays world. 

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Mar 6, 2023

                   Race Relations With Samuel Smith

   This is a first step for me. I am so tired of the division in our Country I wanted to take the first step in helping END it now. Samuel is a friend of mine and an man of honor and truth. He says as it is. We cover multiple topics from "Jim Crow Laws" 3 presidents,...

Feb 27, 2023


            I was talking to a friend and the subject of the United Nations came up. I suggested that the UN had an agenda to create a one world government. We had a very long conversation. I believe very strongly that not only the UN, but the EU and to a lesser extent the AU, wants it as well. That is how I start,...

Jan 19, 2023

                                          Dr. Diggs Interview

What can I say about my friend and former therpist, other than he is an excellent therapist and good friend. He talks about his years, in truth decades as a Therapist. His specialty is childhood related issues. Dr. Diggs exlpanes in simple languge the...

Jan 19, 2023

Climate Change   


I must disclose that I had a 180 degree turn around. I was a “Climate Change denier”, for decades. Then last September there was a 4-week presentation at my Church when I watched it, I changed my mind. The presenter was Bill McKibben. I was able to see where I had been wrong so I will change this...

Jan 9, 2023

In Vic's own words: "I am a retired NYPD detective who has written four humorous books about the New York City Police Department. In addition to writing books, I’m a professional raconteur with over a hundred podcast, radio, and television  and a contributor to the syndicated radio program Sterling on Sunday." 

He was...